How to Become an Orthopedic Doctor

How to Become an Orthopedic Doctor

Orthopedic doctor is a physician dedicated to identification, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and physical or therapeutically rehabilitation of disorders, injuries and musculoskeletal body system diseases. They includes joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves,

These doctors can specialize in various areas of musculoskeletal such as ankle and foot, shoulder, elbow and hand, hip, spine and knee. The Orthopedic Doctor or surgeon can major also in specific area or field such as trauma, oncology also called tumors of bone, sports or surgery called reconstructive (rehabilitating organs or part of the body which is defective).

How to Become an Orthopedic Doctor

studying pre-medicineOrthopedics is a branch of medical surgery that requires hard work, devotion, patience and great determination. First one has to pass career requirements to complete a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, pre-medicine or any other field related to medicine. It is the required that you sit and pass the MCAT exams for admission into another 4 years in medical school. This is then followed by a 4 or 5 years in Orthopedic residence surgery in hospital, first year being general surgery. Those specializing in sports or pediatric medicine must go through additional fellowship for 1 or 2 years after residence.

After meeting all of the career requirements above, one is subjected to the medical licensing exam, (U.S). these
exams can be done in different parts, usually while you are still in residencies. After this, all orthopedic doctors or surgeons must do and pass an exam administered by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Renewal of certification is then done at every seven to ten years.

Finally, the orthopedic surgeon is ready to go. He or she is required at least to do a specific aptitude for musculoskeletal disease treatment and prevention. Getting a license to operate will require one to take exam to be a board certified orthopedic.

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